This site is dedicated to the stunning landscapes you can witness if you have the opportunity to travel across the North American Continent.

Here you will encounter nature photography at its finest, mixed with history and culture; one sweeping photographic panorama of a rainforest after another perfectly framed mountain range, followed by a tranquil snapshot of a beach at sunrise or a majestic Maya pyramid rising in the middle of the jungle.

We were fortunate enough to travel by car several times across the continent. The most extensive trip was the one we started in Montreal (Canada) and finished in Playa del Carmen (Southern Mexico). Yes, by car. We set about on your road trip following the east coast of the United States and then Northern and Central Mexico, to finish our adventure on the sandy beaches of the Southern Mexico.

You are welcome to see this trip itinerary on the Our Trip page. Also feel free to contact us to inquire for more information.
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